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We're Still Around! A 5 Year Update

May 26, 2022

By Erik

TL;DR: We’re still alive, we read lots of stuff, and we’re starting The Seasoned Schemer soon.

We still exist! After finding out that a few of our friends only found us because of our web presence, I figured it was time to update the site with all the stuff we’ve been up to in the last 5 years.

Myself and a new group of folks who weren’t around for the original reading of SICP decided to spin off a group on Thursdays and work our way through it, and kept going after that book was done. We alternated between books / courses and shorter papers to give ouselves a break between longer readings, some highlights are listed below:

In a bit of a departure from our usual CS or CS-adjacent topics, we spent a few months going through a big chunk of the MIT Underactuated Robotics course.

In the meantime, the Friday version of the reading group was still going strong reading papers, Paradigms of AI Programming by Norvig, and plenty of other stuff I can’t remember (I’ll try to get someone to post a second update, but some of it is listed here). The two groups joined forced around this time and started working through PLFA, possibly the densest book we’ve attempted to date?

After those, we jumped back into some papers:

We then jumped into The Little Schemer with plans to read through the entire “Little” series with some breaks for more papers in between. We’ve just finished up that book and are working our way through another block of papers before we start The Seasoned Schemer:

Today we read Adding Interactive Visual Syntax to Textual Code by Anderson et al., and next week we have Go Meta! A Case for Generative Programming and DSLs in Performance Critical Systems by Rompf et al. lined up.

Then we’ll be onto The Seasoned Schemer! If this seems interesting to you and you’re in the GTA (or not, we’ve been meeting remotely since COVID started), feel free to reach out. Hopefully it won’t be 5 years until the next update - we’ll try to post some more thoughts on what we’re reading instead of just dumping a long list of books and papers in the future.