Hi everyone! In spite of the recent flurry of gravity waves, Friday night saw us return to recursive functions in chapter 19 and Pete return to the fold; welcome back we missed you :) This was an evening full of interesting digressions, which is more or less as planned since we decided to spend another week on this chapter because of the many digression worthy topics.

Next week we will move to chapter 20: System FPC of Recursive Types, meeting at the usual time and place 6:30pm Friday at Bento Miso.

I’m fairly certain we raised more questions than we resolved, turns out Church’s Law, partial recursive functions, and Gödel numbering get one into fairly deep waters. Jotting down a few that I remember, feel free to add to the post with others that I may have forgotten.

Thanks everyone for the mind bending questions, I may be recovering from this one for a while to come, Scott